Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Design appreciation

Good and bad products

BAd Products

For the two soap bottles to the left, why they look nice is because there is a grip for them to grip the soap bottle to prevent it from slipping off. What about the other one, why is it not good although all perform the same functions? The bottle does not have an area for gripping, therefore it easily slips.

The sofa: The shape is very uneven and one of the sides is lacking an arm rest. They should have added headrests at both sides and arm rests also at both sides



  1. The bottles: I agree with you that the bottles to the left that are 'good' are well designed. I agree that they are designed such that we can grip them easily.

    The sofa: I agree with you that the sofa is poorly designed. It is unique but the shape is uneven and people may fall back when he/she sits on it.

  2. The soap bottles are quite, uh cute. The armchair is very scary, it somehow reminds me of a Transformer. -.- BTW I thought we were supposed to do two each?

  3. Gavin I agree with you for the bottles and sofa. The sofa is totally uneven and the arm rest are placed in all the different places. If I use the one to the right for the bottles, I guess it will usually slip off and drop off-And this is really very troublesome.

  4. I agree on the bottles as the first and second one as a grip whereas the third one can slip easily unless your hands are dry.
    For the chair I disagree as the chair is perfect for people who like to sleep on the sofa as the unbalanced structure is like a bed with the pillow.

  5. i agree with both of your comments on your pictures, gavin, as the third soap bottle will slip off your hands very easily if they are wet. Also, the bed is very complex, and if someone falls out of it, that person might hurt themselves.